Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping, and Blogs and Websites..OH MY!!

The one thing that is so great about design now, is that it is accessible to everyone, thanks to ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! There are a few design websites/blogs that I check regularly, so I thought I would pass them on!! My very Favorite is Young House Love, a blog written two times a day by a young, married couple that do all of their own remodeling, they have GREAT design ideas, and an amazing eye for affordable design!! The next, is a retail site called Design Public, a great mix of inexpensive modern pieces, with a few investment pieces thrown in, always a great place to find a cool gift!!! A few more quick ones,
"Not Neutral", and ConranUSA .Take a minute to check out these you have any amazing sites??  PLEASE SHARE!!! :)
Amazing little Hurricane's $28 for a set of two, from Not Neutral.

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