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Friday, December 27, 2013


Hi !! welp, we are all moved!! Here is where you can find Design Thoughts, now!!

Design Thoughts

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Official!

Design Thoughts Blog is MOVING!!...

Last December, we moved from New York, to  Nashville. Its been a year of whirlwind changes!  A million new growths and a few chapters ending. One of the new growths ( as I have written about) is my decision to open Design Thoughts Interiors!!! with my 15 years as an Interior designer, paired with my 4 yrs as a mama, it was the best recipe that could have ever come together!!!
SO I have finally officially merged my blog, with my website. I am now using wordpress instead of blogger, and still stumbling through it, but I am so happy to have the two together! I'm a little fearful that all of you wont join me there ( please oh please sign up HERE to get updates!!) but its time. Its time to have one place, its time to merge my projects and my thoughts on design, in one place. Please bare with me as I get my Gallery Page up and running. I want you to see the wonderful homes I am working on right now!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your support over the last 4 years here on this little blog, and please join me over at !! MUAH!!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Texture-"Brittany House"

One of my current clients is in the midst of a complete Master Bath Add on. Its an amazingly fun job, and I'm loving it even more, because the home owners are ready to create a jaw dropping space, by mixing natural light, with darker materials and texture!! I LOVE mixing smooth with rough, tile with wood, and shiny with matte!

In, what I am calling "Brittany house" project, We will be creating an entire wall of modern tile behind their free standing tub, with a thick rustic wood shelf attached. They have high vaulted ceilings and have given me the green light to adding an amazing chandelier, which I am super excited about!! and although all of the decisions have not been solidified yet, I love the direction we are going! The front runner for the chandelier is similar to this beauty! A great organic Shape and metal!! Perfect against the back drop of an entire dark slate glass shower! This master bath is no doubt going to be amazing! The mix of texture is going to steal the show for sure!! Also, there will be NO mirrors above the sink, a decision that was already made by the home owners before I was brought on to this project ( and I LOVE IT!!) instead? a huge wall of windows to bring the outside in!

My VERY rough drawing ( done in the car) after I first saw the chandelier. I always do this when a new potential piece is added to a space. I quickly jot down what I anticipate it looking like, and in this particular case, I wanted to see an approximate height ( although not to scale) that the tile is going up the wall. 

Here is the wood shelf inspiration picture,  that I found on Pinterest. Love it!!

As this project moves along I will keep you posted! Next up selecting Exterior Paint for a green house project that is also happening in their back yard ;) !! FUN!! 

Happy Thursday!! Who is freaking out because Christmas is just 6 days away?? I am freaking out in a super excited, cant wait to see my 4 yr olds face on Christmas morning, type of way ;) 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Inexpensive Holiday Decor

Wow!! 9 days until Christmas!! I am still just floored that we have been in Nashville almost a full year!! As a family we have just EXPANDED so much!! Mentally and personally, as well as in in business. I always LOVE this time of year, when we start to reflect on accomplishments, the ones we have achieved and the ones we hope to in the next year!!
As we pulled out our Christmas Decorations this year, I was reminded that we need more home accessories...For our family, that also means donating all of the stuff that doesn't really fit our personality anymore, in hopes that someone else can enjoy them. Here's the thing, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. SO, I went to Target, and Bought some really cute tissue paper, and began to fill our frames!!! it created just the amount of holiday color that I wanted, and it literally cost $2.99!! How do you decorate your home for the holidays??
Cheap and Easy Holiday Decor
Cheap and Easy Holiday Decor

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nashville House: Liams Room Projects!

No Sew Curtains:

My windows here in Nashville have been naked for the last 10 months. Why? basically because I am the cheapest interior decorator you will ever meet. ( any of you "Designer/Decorator terminology fanatics will note my use of the term decorator..if you care WHY, comment, I will explain ;))
I don't like spending money on window treatments. I know...its really bad..mostly because there has been more than one time that I had to duck below the windows while getting dressed because my elderly neighbor wanted to enjoy some coffee on his back porch. And then there was the night I came home late and could see straight into my sons room and what was hanging on the walls. No Bueno. SO, I decide to start with Liams room!!
I read a VERY long time ago on Young House Love, about how Sherry uses simple hanging rings to hang fabric for curtains. So, I started on my journey to find the perfect fabric. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, when, as I was walking through Target, I saw the cutest grey chevron twin sheet set on clearance for $10!!! BINGO why not cut these bad boys up and make curtains for Liam??!! So I bought 2 sets, cut them in half , added hanging rings, and VOILA!! Curtains!! I cant believe i waited THIS long!!!


The Sheets!!

Best invention EVER!!! $$8 for a pack of 10~~


I was so happy with how they turned out!! although I believe I could use a few more rings, that way they would lay a little better! Add it to my to do list. Until then, I will enjoy the little chevron :)


The other thing I did was make hanging flags. This was the SIMPLEST project EVER!!!  I really needed to punch up the color in Liams room, mostly because it was starting to feel too matchy, matchy !! I am not a fan!!
So I decided to buy a few books of Scrapbook paper, cut out a triangle template, and use some bakers twine that I had. It turned out really cute, and adds just the right amount of whimsy and color!!

Adding the curtains, and the flag banner to the already existing little fox painting and shelves, really completed his big boy room :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nashville: It's almost 11 months you guys!

Holy Crap.

How? How? How??  has it been over 10 months since Grant and I took the plunge, and moved our lives from New York to Nashville!!?? There has been some growing pains, but for the most part, we know deep deep deep down in our ROOTS, that this is the place for us to raise our babies...raise ourselves as parents, and really allow our lives to continue to expand!!

Every year around this time, I start to reflect on what has happened over the past always astounds me. Every-time. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.!!! When we moved here, Liam couldn't even reach our bathroom sink. He still wore pull ups and the first night in our new home, was his first night in a big boy bed. Tears. I am literally watching and feeling the time zoom past, and feel lucky, that a good portion of the time on the crazy time train is spent RIGHT beside him, watching him grow....but then...things happen like being a room mom for his Halloween party, and I spend a good portion of the day crying. Feeling sad, asking myself
"How are we HERE" already...A room mom?? but only moms with BIG kids are room moms...only kids with ROOMS, have room moms...Oh wait..thats me, thats us, thats Liam". But also feeling overwhelmingly proud. Proud to actually SEE him as a boy, in a class, with other kids, and his "away from Mom" version of himself...and what I saw, was a kind, happy, empathetic, polite, little boy. A little boy who watched as a little girls cupcake fell on the floor, and he stopped eating his and offered it to her. More tears. Luckily I was only there for an hour, so I had plenty of home time to cry in my tea, and reflect, and give thanks. It goes fast you guys. It goes really really fast.

Oktoberfest is not the same when you have a big orange BOB stroller.

 Little man in overalls...totally steals my heart!!

That face!

"time to himself" in his room!

  One of my VERY favorite pictures from this summer!! So perfectly shows BOTH of our personalities! 
( what a cute husband!!)

Date night!! 

 Enjoying a relaxing afternoon at Portland Brew in East Nashville.

Jedi Family!

I have also, in the past 10 months, remembered that I have another version of myself too...a version of myself away from Liam, not just Liams mom, but a working me. A creator of my own dreams!! Say what??!! It hasn't been easy everyday! there is still that fear of failure, and the sometimes bigger fear of success lol!! its been, and continues to be a labor of love, but its SO.WORTH.IT!!!  I have found my body again! I have started 3 new business!! and guess what, its all ok.!!  I am learning how to pave the way for women to follow more than just one passion and really have it work!! or truly, realize one large passion, and find lots of ways to bring that passion to bigger groups!! I have realized that I foster connection. Thats my gift. I help connect People to space.(Design Thoughts Interiors)  and I help connect Women to their authentic Selves (LIFE.designed) through fitness ( BeachBody) and through sitting with other women and hearing their own story as others speak ( Sisterhood Circle). Biggest lesson so far: STAY OPEN to anything that may come my way, follow my gut, move forward for as long as it feels right.!! XO

Miss you all!!!  I will see you from time to time here on the blog!! Also check out my new Design Thoughts Interiors Website. At some point I will learn how to combine both !!

XO kim